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The Written Word

Looky looky! A baglady's poor excuse for psychedelic poetry!

sweet lil' rei will be your guide

dreams come true

last night
i dreampt that
raindrops fell upon your creased brow
last night
i dreampt that
i placed the sephiram's feather in your open palm
last night
i dreampt that
the city walls crumbled benieth your tender touch
last night
i dreampt that
rainbows glistened off shards of the crystal palace
last night
i dreampt that
tears of blood stained my pale cheeks
last night
i dreampt that
i was alive

redundancy's lovechild

and then, my eyes shot open
to what may i owe this hasty intrusion?
it's elemenary my friend
perverse compulsions

Stigmata No.2

i pull the doll's strings
making her speak

prisms glistning off a pool of water
i feel so calm
wind rustling through my hair
i am suddenly at peace

the sounds of the click-clacking subway
when i am the only one around
a butterfly with amber wings
flitting amidst the massive towers of steel and glass
muffled sound underneith the water
a warm embrace of a

acidic tears
scarring my cheekbones
the bleeding mary
ripping out this heart
an empty shell once more
i try to scream
but find no
my personal

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